The web design and development firm Faculty, based in Boulder, Colorado, defines what good work means:

  1. Good work serves a purpose: Not everything has to save the world, but if we want to do good work, there should be meaning in it. We need to know why we’re doing what we’re doing. Purpose is our call to action.
  2. Good work works: Everything we build should be fast, reliable, scalable, and accessible. Users should always get a hassle-free, trustworthy experience.
  3. Good work is accessible: Good work gives everyone equal access to information and functionality. Anyone can find and use it. Taking care of the wide range of people out there creates a better experience for all.
  4. Good work is responsible: We must do everything we can to account for the wellbeing of all the people that use what we make or may be affected by its use, and for the safety and security of their information and rights.
  5. Good work communicates effectively: Communication is the foundation of any interface or interaction. It’s how we convey value and meaning. It’s how we begin to build trust and connect with each other, our customers, clients, and users.
  6. Good work builds trust: To build trust, words and actions must align. Buttons do what people expect them to, private information is secure, people own and control their own data, users have enough information to confidently make decisions, and websites work reliably.
  7. Good work takes time: Time and thought should be invested into building a foundation that will support long-term growth and goals?—?not quick fixes. Let’s be the tortoise that beats the hare.
  8. Good work is in the details: The details reveal how much we care. It’s important to tend to them even when (perhaps especially when) they may go unnoticed.
  9. Good work resonates: Work resonates when we listen closely to our users, truly understand and care about their goals, and are able to make an emotional connection.
  10. Good work is built on good work: Fundamentals matter. The philosophies that underpin our work determine how high we can build. We believe in progressive enhancement. Everything we build provides a baseline of essential content and functionality. From there, we can push the envelope with new experiences for users with modern browsers, faster internet, etc. Everyone gets the best possible experience.

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