Witnessing Monarch Butterflies: Mexico’s Natural Phenomenon

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico is recommended by Jorge Valencia of The New York Times as one of the top travel destinations for 2024. Experience the spectacle of over a billion monarch butterflies overwintering in Central Mexico’s green forests. This 139,000-acre reserve has six sites where visitors can hike into the forest and […]

President Xi’s Call to Chinese Women: ‘Go Home and Have Babies’

Alexandra Stevenson of the Australian Financial Review highlights President Xi’s agenda at the National Women’s Congress, focusing on reviving traditional values to fortify China. By promoting family traditions, China aims to tackle economic challenges and address its underdeveloped social welfare system in the face of an aging population. The party desperately needs women to have […]

Merseyside’s Scenic Oasis: Birkenhead Park

Rowan Moore, in his list of top urban green spaces globally, emphasizes Birkenhead Park, established in 1847 as the world’s inaugural publicly funded civic park. Its appeal stems from scenic landscapes, including lakes, woodlands, and picturesque bridges, while also enhancing water management in flood-prone urban zones. As the first publicly funded park in Britain, Birkenhead […]

Exploring Hurghada, Egypt’s Underwater World

Michele Bigley from The New York Times recommends the underwater paradise of the Great Fringing Reef near Hurghada, Egypt, as a top travel destination for 2024. Located just an hour’s flight from Cairo, it remains an abundant marine ecosystem boasting 40 types of sharks and 400 coral species. The reef’s resiliency is often credited to […]

Embracing Digital Nomads, Excluding Locals

Stephen Witt, from Rest of World, a nonprofit publication dedicated to fostering understanding across a rapidly evolving digital landscape, observes that cities worldwide are progressively embracing digital nomads and tech workers, acknowledging their potential economic and cultural contributions. Nevertheless, this influx often burdens locals with rising housing prices and living expenses, sparking concerns about being […]

Brisbane’s Gastronomic and Artistic Delights

Stephanie Pearson of The New York Times recommends Brisbane, Australia’s sunny capital city, renowned for its laid-back lifestyle and vibrant cultural scene. Explore riverfront parks, trendy neighborhoods, and world-class attractions. As one of the recommended destinations for 2024, she suggests checking out the $3.6 billion expansion of the Queen’s Wharf area, set to partly open […]

Coimbra’s King João’s Library – A Treasure Trove for Bibliophiles

Celebrated as one of the world’s most beautiful libraries, King João’s Library, or Biblioteca Joanina, in Coimbra, Portugal, boasts stunning Baroque architecture and a priceless collection of rare books. Recommended by American travel guru Rick Steves, it’s a must-visit destination for bibliophiles and history enthusiasts exploring the University of Coimbra. The university’s highlight is King […]

Valencia: Art, Cuisine, and Paella Delights

Valencia, Spain, emerges as one of the top travel destinations for 2024, as recommended by Vivian Song of The New York Times. Named the European Commission’s “green capital” for 2024, Valencia boasts miles of velvety sand beaches, a vibrant cultural scene, and a rich gastronomic tradition, including the iconic dish, paella. The city has been […]

Edward de Bono’s Roach Tale

In “The Love of Two Cockroaches,” Edward de Bono, the esteemed philosopher and pioneer of “lateral thinking,” explores themes of love and individuality through the story of Cocky and Missy, two cockroaches defying societal norms. Vanessa Thorpe of The Guardian observes this narrative exploration: One of his most idiosyncratic books, The Love of Two Cockroaches, […]

Singapore’s Luxury Hotel Boom

Singapore is currently experiencing a surge in luxury hotel development, writes Christine Chung of The New York Times. This transformation marks a significant period for the city, renowned for its cuisine, architecture, and world-class airport. In 2024, Singapore stands out as a premier destination for travelers seeking vibrant cultural experiences and the indulgence of opulence […]