Travel bloggers Megan & Aram on what to visit beyond the main two touristic cities in Ukraine:

  1. Mukachevo: The Carpathian mountains are just a stone’s throw away. The city runs the charismatic Latorica River, where people fish, swim and even wash clothes.
  2. Zhovkva: The town is small and walkable with places to eat from coffee and cakes to Ukraine borscht.
  3. Uzhhorod: Uzhhorod Castle has a vast Citadel, the town’s biggest attraction. Nearby, the bright yellow Greek-Catholic Cathedral, with its two steeples, stands out as one of Uzhhorod’s finest buildings.
  4. Lutsk: A mix of architecture inspired by its complex history and the must-see Lubart’s Castle.
  5. Zatoka: People, especially summer heat lovers, should go to the Ukrainian seaside. One of the most popular places among Ukrainians, particularly during summer when the temperatures.
  6. Truskavets: Resort spa town that is quite popular for domestic tourism within Ukraine. The water is dispensed to the public for free inside a few different structures throughout town that special house fountains.
  7. Kremenets: The town’s one main street is packed with pretty churches and cathedrals painted in pastel colors and topped with golden domes.
  8. Drohobych: Once a flourishing multicultural center of oil and gas industries. Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians came here to build financial fortunes and—later on—beautiful villas.
  9. Dnipro: The banks of the Dnepr river provide a great place to chill out watching the people go past while you drink a lukewarm beer from a kiosk.
  10. Zaporizhia: A bit off the path in Ukraine, but still want a city with a fair amount of things to keep one occupied.

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