Cheryl Radachowsky of New York Post talks about concerns that girls essentially would be even more disadvantaged within sport than they already are:

My daughter is a rising high school track star who is now losing races to athletes born as males. But Connecticut’s athletic conference has allowed students born as males to compete as females if that’s how they identify, even if they haven’t undergone hormone therapy. Two trans runners one of whom competed as a male a year ago-are now “running these girls right off the track.” The two trans runners have won 15 track championships, preventing talented girls like my daughter from qualifying for higher levels of competition. This is simply unfair. For basic biological reasons, “boys are faster than girls.” A recent Swedish study found that 11 biologically male athletes who received hormone treatments after transitioning still had a large competitive advantage over women, because early exposure to testosterone gave them larger muscles and stronger bones than biological females. Redefining “sex” to mean “gender identity” will “destroy female athletics.” Our daughters should not “have their athletic opportunities stolen from them.”

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