Indian Hindustani classical musician and sarod exponent Ali Akbar Khan suffered strict parenting, especially by his father, the prominent Indian classical music teacher Baba Allauddin Khan. From Oliver Craske’s Indian Sun: The Life and Music of Ravi Shankar (2020,)

Ali Akbar was two years younger than Robu [later named Ravi Shankar], but a couple of years ahead in his musical training. He has been through a brutal regime: Baba had even tied him to a tree and beaten him when his progress was unsatisfactory. Although Baba had arranged for Ali Akbar to marry at the age of fifteen, he still expected him to remain celibate—married to music. Twice Ali Akbar ran away. Ultimately the harsh discipline brought out his talent and made him into a master of the sarod, although one wonders about the emotional cost.

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