Rolfe Winkler of The Wall Street Journal profiles Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, a biotechnology and personal genomics company. Once valued at $6 billion, 23andMe has experienced a dramatic decline to near-zero valuation due to profitability challenges, highlighting its fall from grace:

At the center of 23andMe’s DNA-testing business are two fundamental challenges. Customers only need to take the test once, and few test-takers get life-altering health results.

Wojcicki’s most ambitious bet is developing drugs using 23andMe’s stockpile of more than 10 million DNA samples that test-takers have agreed may be used for research. But getting new drugs to market is expensive and takes years.

In another blow to its brand, 23andMe had a data breach this fall that exposed nongenetic information of 6.9 million customers, highlighting the same privacy concerns that Wojcicki once blamed for slowing sales and exposing the company to a class-action lawsuit.

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