Arthur P. Ciaramicoli and Katherine Ketcham write in The Power of Empathy,

Empathy allows is to see the connections between us, making strangers less strange, foreigners less foreign. When we adopt other people’s perspectives, we do more than step into their shoes—we use their eyes, we borrow their skin, we feel their hearts beating within us, we lose ourselves and enter into their world, as if we were them. I emphasize those words once again because they are so critically important and so often misunderstood. With empathy, we do not step into others’ experience to see it with our eyes—empathy demands that we see it with their eyes. Through that experience we are fundamentally changed, for what we see with a sudden, startling clarity that we are the other. All the good and the bad that we see in them we can also recognize in ourselves. The hurt, the shame, the feat of humiliation, the desire for revenge—these are as much parts of our souls as the quest for honesty, the humble spirit, the forgiving heart.

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