The Joys of Solo Travel

In the August 2018 issue of Silkwinds magazine, the inflight magazine of SilkAir, Vanessa Tai writes about the joys of solo travel, tackling logistical failures, and embracing small joys:

  • Be Open-minded—For safety, go with your gut. But the rest of the time, be open-minded. Try that new dish, accept that invitation—these serendipities are what solo travel is all about.
  • Do Your Research—While it’s tempting to wing it, it’s a good idea to be prepared—get to know some basic phrases, familiarise yourself with public transport and places to avoid.
  • Be Flexible—Plans may change unexpectedly—flights get cancelled, the hotel may lose your booking. Be ready to go with the flow. Most, if not all, things will be solvable eventually.

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