Tasmania, Australia’s island state, emerges as a top recommendation from Nora Walsh of The New York Times for 2024. Discover its wild beauty and unique wildlife while joining conservation efforts in pristine wilderness areas. Experience the local food scene and foraging culture, and embark on a three-day trek across rugged Bruny Island with the Tasmanian Walking Company, collaborating with the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to map flora and collect seeds.

To get a taste of the island’s Indigenous culture, join members of the local Palawa community on multi-day treks through the powdery white sands of Wukalina (Mount William National Park) and the orange-lichen-covered rocks of Larapuna (Bay of Fires.) Or, to get an actual taste of the island, forage for ingredients like wattle seeds and pepperberries with guides from Palawa Kipli, a company that is Indigenous-owned and operated. The experience ends with a tasting menu that includes smoked payathanima (wallaby.)

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