Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In(2013) initiated a counter-dispute focusing on women who choose to withdraw from the professional world altogether. Writer Lisa Belkin says at The Huffington Post,

Looking back over 10 years and a lot of reporting, I have come to see my mistake when writing “The Opt-Out Revolution.” I confused being pulled toward home with being pushed away from work. I did not fully understand, though, that what looked like a choice was not really what these women wanted most. Had their workplaces been ones that adapted to a world in which workers no longer have other halves (read: wives) focusing on home so that they can focus on the job, and where technology could be used to free employees from their desks physically rather than tethering them metaphorically, and where the “ideal worker” was understood to have priorities outside of the office—in other words, if they’d had a third path—they might well have taken it… Until we find that new path, women—and men, it’s important to note—who can afford to step off the existing path will continue to do so.

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