Rachel Ament suggests positive affirmations and traditional Sanskrit mantras for anxiety as a daily practice:

Mantras—repeated phrases meant to steady your mind—allow you to steer your thoughts toward a single, focused point. If your mind tends to hover in the past or future (a common thread in anxious thoughts and stress-fueled overthinking,) using mantras for anxiety can help bring you into the present.

Mantras can also help create visualizations. As you take in the texture of the repeated sounds, you can envision a new environment for the mind beyond stress. The mantra can heighten certain senses, such as sight and sound, creating rich inner experiences. Body-based meditation (such as body scans) can sometimes make you feel a little too tuned into your body and its accompanying anxieties; mantras, conversely, provide a point of focus that guides you out of your body, away from yourself.

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