Inspired by the gorgeous Norwegian scenery, the modern sea cabins and 18th-century farmhouse with overhanging waterfront location in Manshausen Island offer magnificent view of the sea and surrounding mountains:

When the renowned Norwegian explorer Børge Ousland isn’t reflecting on a remarkable life of adventure, he’s hanging out on his own private island in the fjords just south of Lofoten in northern Norway.

Manshausen used to be a fishing port but since 2010 has been an eco-retreat made up of seven modernist eco-cabins and a restored 18th-century farmhouse. The glass-fronted cabins are cantilevered over the water below, offering the illusion of seafaring in their Scandi-minimalist living areas.

The old house has a restaurant and kitchen, where many of the ingredients, including pine shoot and sandwort, are foraged from the surrounding islands. There’s a library and—of course—a sauna. Go in winter to stand a chance of gawping at the northern lights.

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