Explore Manchester, UK’s vibrant cultural scene, boasting historic industrial heritage, top museums, and lively music venues. Nora Walsh of The New York Times recommends it for 2024. Music is at the city’s core, with the upcoming opening of Co-op Live, Britain’s largest new music arena, and other venues enhancing its charm.

Stars like Liam Gallagher, Eric Clapton, and Barry Manilow are booked to inaugurate the 23,500-capacity space, which will complement the reopening of concert halls like the post-punk incubator Band on the Wall and New Century. For those interested in emerging talent, the city will host two major music conferences this year, including Worldwide Music Expo, a behemoth packed with concerts, speakers, films, and an awards ceremony, and Beyond the Music, a smorgasbord of performances, parties, workshops, and more.

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