From Kellogg on Branding (2005,) from the marketing faculty of the kellogg school of management,

I view branding as the creation of household gods, the mythic charter of our consumer culture. The brand is also a habitat in which consumers can be induced to dwell. In that dwelling, consumers domesticate the space, transforming it, and themselves, to essence. The resulting glow emanating from the dwelling is the brand’s aura.

As the market’s offering moves from undifferentiated homogeneity to distinctive difference- that is, as the brand individuates-consumers experience both therapeutic and salvific results, and grace is returned to the firm in the forms of consumers’ willingness to pay a premium, and to repeat purchase over time. Thus, the brand is both a physical and metaphysical presence, an economic and festive fixture that binds stakeholders in a multifaceted relationship. It is the corporeal and noncorporeal webwork of postmodern existence.

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