Stephen Galloway of The Hollywood Reporter wonders if the Harvey Weinstein trial will shame Hollywood:

Disgraced movie producer and accused serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is facing charges that could send him to prison for life, but his lawyers will try to put his many enablers and Hollywood itself on trial-and the results may be embarrassing. Weinstein insists he never engaged in anything but consensual relations, and his lawyers will attempt to prove that everyone, including his female accusers, “knew the rules of the game”—sexual favors in return for a chance at stardom. The defense will argue that the casting couch is an old Hollywood tradition, and seek to implicate dozens of men and women “who stood by and let terrible things happen, because they didn’t have the nerve to stand up to him, or persuaded themselves this was just the way business was done.” Weinstein’s defense will be “How could there be any genuine victims when everyone knew what he was up to?” It’s a cynical argument, but it’s true that many people in Hollywood were complicit in his crimes. Other power brokers, agents, and everyone in the industry knew Weinstein “could butter their bread if they buttered his. Who were they to challenge Hollywood’s most established conventions?

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