Alexandra Stevenson of the Australian Financial Review highlights President Xi’s agenda at the National Women’s Congress, focusing on reviving traditional values to fortify China. By promoting family traditions, China aims to tackle economic challenges and address its underdeveloped social welfare system in the face of an aging population.

The party desperately needs women to have more babies. China has been thrust into a demographic crisis as its birthrate has plummeted, causing its population to shrink for the first time since the 1960s.

The authorities are scrambling to undo what experts have said is an irreversible trend, trying one initiative after another, such as cash handouts and tax benefits to encourage more births.

Faced with a demographic crisis, a slowing economy and what it views as a stubborn rise of feminism, the party has chosen to push women back into the home, calling on them to rear the young and care for the old. The work, in the words of Xi, is essential for “China’s path to modernisation.”

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