American poet William Carlos Williams writes about Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca in Selected Essays of William Carlos Williams (1954):

There has always seemed to be a doubt in the minds of Spaniards that their native meters were subtle enough, flexible enough to bear modern stresses. But Lorca, aided lry the light of twentieth century thought, discovered in the old forms the very essence of today. Reality, immediacy; lry the vividness of the image invoking the mind to start awake. This peculiarly modern mechanic Lorca found ready to his hand. He took up the old tradition, and in a more congenial age worked with it, as the others had not been able to do, until he forced it—without borrowing—to carry on as it had come to him, intact through the ages, warm, unencumbered by draperies of imitative derivation-the world again under our eyes.

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