Christopher Hitchens speaking on C-SPAN on January 14, 2000 about Jane Fonda becoming a born-again Christian:

I thought it was a sad little story why well someone’s who’s getting old and a little bit silly and perhaps lacking for attention … I would thought it would have been content with being born once which … she’s ever going to be or any of us are only going to be born one so though this born-again stuff just gets me down … gives me a pain.

What I think … what I don’t like well … as well as finding it totally intellectually and morally unconvincing is that this is the form that they believe modesty should take … is going around all the time but how you found God how God has a special purpose for you …. this is this is construed as humility it seems to me the height of immodesty to say that you’ve been chosen in this way or selected all that you could possibly know that you had been … it’s arrogant and conceited and egotistical.

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