At the Daily Journal Meeting 2019, Charlie Munger on lessons from Mozart:

Now there’s another Mozart story. Here’s the greatest musical talent, maybe, that ever lived. And what was his life like? Well, he was bitterly unhappy and he died young. That’s the life of Mozart. What the hell did Mozart do to screw it up? … Well, he did two things that are guaranteed to create a lot of misery. You overspend his income, scrupulously. That’s number one. That is really stupid. Then the other thing was, he was full of jealousies and resentments. If you’ll overspend your income and be full of jealousy and resentments, you can have a lousy, unhappy, life and die young. All you gotta do is learn from Mozart.

This business of controlling the costs and living simply and—that was the secret. How much money—Warren and I had tiny little bits of money. We always underspent our incomes. We invested. Well, you know, you live long enough, you end up rich. It’s not very complicated.

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