The Wall Street Journal notes that UPS CEO Carol Tome, who previously sat on the company’s board since 2003, has been pivoting UPS away from capacity towards profitability:

Since she became chief executive in June, UPS has become more selective about which packages it ships. The company is tearing up shipping contracts midterm. Sales leaders evaluate customers less by volume than by what they deliver to the bottom line. Executives are scrutinizing divisions for possible divestitures. Prices are going up.

The push to transform UPS into what Ms. Tome calls a “better, not bigger” company has created friction. Big retailers accustomed to UPS’s accommodating stance found themselves facing tighter shipping limits, especially during the crucial holiday season. Others were hit by price increases

The pricing shift highlights two new realities at UPS. Package volume, which the company for years chased to fill its network, was no longer paramount. Instead, UPS could pick better, more profitable deliveries—like heavier packages that cost more to ship or shipments that tend to include multiple packages per stop—and turn away some accounts with lower margins, according to analysts.

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