In the SilverKris Magazine of Singapore Airlines, James Wong lists ten Asian get-away destinations to find some inner peace:

  1. Nikko, Japan … for beautiful shrines from the Edo period
  2. Jeju Island, South Korea … for the beaches, mountains, and scenic getaways
  3. Pulau Ubin Island, Singapore … for lush unspoilt forestation and wildlife
  4. El Nido, Philippines … for sandy beaches with turquoise green waters
  5. Ko Bulon Leh, Thailand … for warm sandy beaches
  6. Koh Rong, Cambodia … for 20 gorgeous white sand beaches
  7. Lamma Island, Hong Kong … for stunning rock formations
  8. Komodo, Indonesia … for rugged hillsides and panoramic views of savannahs
  9. Havelock Island, India … for its white sand and clear waters
  10. Pom Pom Island, Malaysia … for dreamy resorts and guesthouses

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