Author Pico Iyer suggests Koya San in Japan, where 52 of the fabulous temples offer conveniences and serve meals:

The sacred mountain is known as Koyasan outside Osaka, which you ascend by cable car, and at the top, there’s nothing but 135 Buddhist temples, many groves of 800-year-old trees, and 250,000 graves. It’s a very solemn, dignified place. You stay in a temple, you eat delicious temple vegetarian food, you can see fire ceremonies every morning. You just walk along this narrow street in the city of temples lit by lanterns after dark, and you’re in another world that’s really in the 9th century, which is when this mountainous was created.

It’s the most powerful place I’ve been to in Japan, and it just gives you a sense of sacredness, which means that when you take the cable car down two days later, you feel like a different person … something solid inside you that maybe there wasn’t there before.

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