Vietnamese-born monk and writer Thich Nhat Hanh writes in Interbeing (1987):

Perhaps Buddhism is the only religion that speaks about its own teachings as a raft to cross the river and not as an absolute truth to be worshipped and safeguarded. This is the most drastic measure that Buddhism utilizes to deal with dogmatism and fanaticism, which are the causes of some much conflict and violence… According to Buddhism, knowledge itself can be an obstacle to true understanding, while views are a barrier to insight. Clinging to our views can cause us to lose the opportunity to come to a higher or more profound understanding of reality. Buddhism urges us to transcend our own knowledge in order to advance on the path of enlightenment. All views are considered to be “obstacles to knowledge”…. According to Buddhist teaching, if we cannot continually expand the frontiers of our knowledge, we will be imprisoned by our own views and never able to attain the Way.

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